Spring has sprung on the hill at Perth Observatory and there's so much we want to show you and share with you.

Please join us this quarter celebrating our newest Night Sky Tour Host, Matt Mulder. Since 2015, the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group has been running the observatory night and day, and even when times are hard, our volunteers are keeping the observatory running. It’s no small ask to sacrifice time with friends and family to spend nights at Bickley, and we’re grateful for every last volunteer, whatever their role. So thank you, and congratulations, Matt! Don’t forget to say hello to Matt when you see him on your next night sky tour.

Congratulations also go to our new Program Manager, Paul Wadham, overseeing and coordinating all POVG projects.

As we enjoy our freedom in WA, we recognise it’s a long road out of COVID-19 restrictions, and we aren’t getting complacent at the observatory. Our increased cleaning continues, our dedicated Hygiene Officer remains on all tours, and all Perth Observatory volunteers on our tours have completed AHA Hospital and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Training. We’re aware that we – the observatory, WA, Australia, the world – aren’t out of the woods yet, and community transmission in WA is perhaps inevitable, but our commitment to everyone’s safety remains resolute

New in the Astroshop this month is our very own Perth Observatory protective face masks, hopefully, one day these will just be souvenirs from 2020.

Over the next few months, we’re making hay while the sun shines and have a full calendar of events ahead of us. We’re teaming up with the talented Roger Groom and Astrophotography Australia for a lunar photography workshop, getting spooky for Hallowe’en, celebrating Doctor Who, and hosting a meteor-watching party for the Geminids, and launching our Full Moon Tours.

That’s not all – the marvellous Matt Woods is hosting regular virtual star parties live on YouTube for everyone to experience our starry Southern sky. All this on top of our regular night sky tours.

This quarter’s newsletter is packed full of pages and pages of great content for you to enjoy. Thanks to our editor-in-chief for another great edition. I hope to see you all soon under the stars at Western Australia’s oldest observatory!

Dr Colin Armstrong