Attendee: $280 per person
Location: Perth Observatory
Date: 9th of December
Time: 1 pm to 10 pm (Doors open at: 12:30 pm)

Join us for an unforgettable day of astrophotography at the Perth Observatory. Our small group experience will teach you all the basics of astrophotography, from wide-field to telescope photography.

Starting in the afternoon, our expert presenters will cover essential topics, including polar alignment, image calibration, and an introduction to astronomy and the night sky. You’ll learn how to photograph different celestial objects such as wide-field nightscapes, star trails, meteor showers, and aurora.

You’ll also get an introduction to telescope photography, where you’ll see different types of telescopes, mounts, and other essential equipment such as electronic focusers, guide cameras, filters, and astronomy cameras.

After dinner, we’ll move to the hilltop for a night of astrophotography under the stars. You’ll use your camera on a tripod to capture breathtaking wide-field nightscapes around the picturesque Perth Observatory grounds. You’ll also use your camera and lens on Astro Photography Australia‘s portable tracking mounts, including the iOptron SkyTracker, Vixen Polarie, Astro Trac, and Skywatcher Star Adventurer.

But that’s not all! You’ll even get the opportunity to put your camera on a telescope and capture stunning deep-sky objects. This is available for the camera brand and lens mounts: Canon EF, Canon R, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Micro 4/3, Sony Alpha (e-mount), Pentak X, and Fuji X.


All of the above will be done with the assistance of workshop facilitator Roger Groom and Perth Observatory Volunteer Group volunteers.


  • Presented by local astrophotographer and Perth Observatory volunteer Roger Groom of Astro Photography Australia with assistance from volunteers of the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group
  • Tea, coffee, snacks provided
  • Dinner: Subway catering provided, please advise of dietary requirements when booking
  • Soft drinks and ice creams available for purchase on-site
Subway sandwich


Cloudy Scenario

If the night of the workshop turns out to be cloudy, we will continue inside with:

  • Two hours of specific image processing workshop.
  • A tour of the Perth Observatory telescopes.
Rain CTA

Cloudy Scenario

What To Bring

  • A camera (preferably a DSLR or similarly capable mirrorless camera) that you are familiar with and
    comfortable with its operation.
  • Associated photographic equipment such as aΒ tripod and cable release/intervalometer.
  • A head torch or torch with red light and/or dim white light mode
  • Warm clothing and sturdy footwear
Taking a photo

What To Bring

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