Please Note: Unfortunately, we have reached our events limit until February, so we are unable to do Offsite Astronomy Events until the start of March.

Since the Perth Observatory Volunteer Group took over the running of the Observatory in 2015, we’ve restarted the off-site astronomy events with councils, schools and community groups. So far, we’ve taken our telescopes to Albany, Borden, Carnarvon, Gascoyne Junction, Geraldton, Hyden, Kalbarri, Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Newman as well as numerous locations in the Perth metro area. Every event has been well attended and the public always leaves saying they feel blown away by the amazing objects we have in the southern sky.

The astronomy events usually go for 2 hours, but we’re always willing to hang around and continue the session if people are interested. Depending on the date, we can show the Moon, planets, star clusters and/or nebula. We also do a sky talk with a green laser where we point out the different constellations and tell the stories behind their names.

What If Going To Be Cloudy

Don’t worry, we contact you a week out from the event to confirm the event is still going ahead and also we’ll discuss the weather forecast. It the forecast is bad, we’re happy to reschedule the event to another date.

If the weather gods pull a fast one on us and it’s cloudy on the night despite what the forecast said, we do bring with us images of astronomical objects so we can put them up on buildings/trees and people can still look through the telescopes and learn about our amazing. We also have 30-45 minute PowerPoint Presentations that can be done on the night as well.

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What If It's Cloudy

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