The Training Committee is excited to share that volunteer Telescope Operator, Keith Mellis, has taken on the coordination of our special Presentation Training. This training is for all our night and day Presenters and is designed to help us maximise our customer’s experience and help us be the absolute best presenters that we can be.

Keith has been a Chartered Accountant in London, Johannesburg, and Sydney, with the last 20 years of his career as a corporate executive and then as a management consultant in Sydney. Customer service is his key focus. He has completed a course in Assessment & Workplace Training in WA and even though he does have a strong English accent has lived in Australia for almost 45 years and is a proud Australian citizen. Keith worked closely with Diana Rosman, Geoff Scott, Paul Fisher and Steve Ewing to pinpoint the areas to be covered and in early June we enjoyed our first Presentation Course facilitated by Mary Papachristos. Mary currently works with the GHD group and has over 20 years of designing and delivering focused workshops around Australia.

There were a ton of laughs and stories as the course focused on what makes a good and a not-so-good presentation, covering both content and delivery. We discussed the most effective way to respond to questions from the floor; learned tips on preparation and focused on how to get the right balance between entertainment and technical details to have our customers leave with a warm fuzzy feeling.

We all left the training with big smiles on our faces and our minds bursting with fantastic ideas thanks to Keith and Mary’s amazing program. Now that the first session has been such a great success, the sessions will be continuing in the future. Thanks to Keith and Mary these sessions will improve everyone’s confidence and make tours more fun for us and our guests.