At Perth Observatory, we believe in nurturing the curious minds of the next generation through engaging and interactive experiences. Our School Incursions program offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the wonders of astronomy right in their own school environment.

Our Presentations:

Our expert educators will lead captivating presentations tailored to different age groups, from primary to secondary students. Through engaging demonstrations and multimedia resources, students will embark on a journey through the cosmos, discovering the mysteries of the universe and the importance of scientific inquiry.

Topics covered in our presentations include:

  • The Sun: Delve into the star at the center of our solar system, learning about its structure, features, and importance to life on Earth.
  • The Solar System: Take a tour of our celestial neighborhood, discovering the planets, moons, and other fascinating objects that orbit the Sun.
  • Space Exploration: Learn about humanity’s quest to explore space, from the early days of space travel to current missions exploring the depths of our universe.

Solar Telescopes:

Your students will also get to experience the thrill of observing the Sun up close with our state-of-the-art solar telescopes. Our telescopes are equipped with special filters that allow for safe viewing of the Sun’s surface, revealing sunspots, solar flares, and other dynamic phenomena.

During the incursion, students will have the opportunity to peer through the telescopes and witness the Sun in unprecedented detail. Our educators will provide insights into solar science and answer any questions students may have about our nearest star.

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