A Night Tour With Terry Part 2

Continuedโ€ฆ And so young man, with regard to your question about what is on the other side of a Black Hole there is a lot of work going on to attempt to decipher this mysterious object and there are plans to attempt to get an actual picture of one when the really large telescopes come into service in the near future.

Quasar winds, artist illustration. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

As NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center scientist Richard Mushotsky has mentioned, without Black Holes the universe would look very different to the way it is now. And now the more that is found out the more mysteries are arising like how do the newly discovered supermassive Black Holes manage to develop to the size they are. Considering the quasar ULAS J1129+0641 for example. It was discovered by the team using the UK Infrared Telescope in 2012 – it appears to have a mass of some 2 billion times that of the Sun and appeared some 770 million years after the ‘Big Bang’

However current theory has it that it would take 750 million years for it to grow to that size from the 100 solar mass of large star collapse causing a supernova which raises interesting questions as to how and why that came about. Did it, in fact, start life after the Big Bang?

The world of String Theory and ‘M’ Theory opens an even more fascinating panorama of possibilities with their 11 dimensioned universe and the consequent widening perspective of what might actually be going on. It raises the possibility of a Black Hole perhaps being a ‘portal’ or a ‘wormhole’ to another part of our universe which perhaps relates to your original question.

Artist's version of what strings might look like. Image Credit: Indiana University South Bend

It might also possibly open the way to another universe which the mathematics of String Theory seems to support or perhaps even a portal to another dimension altogether. It is almost starting to be a case of whatever humankind can imagine that might eventually be able to be realised.

So young man, it appears that what the world really needs is for all our younger generation to keep on asking questions and searching for the truth of the reality in which we all live. All science has built on the work of those that went before and an enquiring mind is the key to the future.

Good fortune to you and all your companions in this most interesting search.